What does it cost?

You only pay for what you paint!

Since you book the venue (it might be your kitchen), there is no Studio Fee which most pottery painting studios or cafes charge. So you are already about £5 per child better off with me.

Then, because I do not run a studio, my overheads are lower so I can charge a lower price per bisque.

Finally because I have now been running parties for some time, the service and quality you get is exceptional. As proof of this, I don’t need to advertise anymore, all the work I get is word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers.

Currently my prices for a basic Children’s Party are £11 per head for a standard 27 cm plate. I require a deposit for ten children in advance in order to take your party booking, and once I have this I will send you your party invites. If there are more children than ten at the party, then the balance should be paid then. If there are less, then persuade dad or a sibling to paint too, or maybe have a go yourself!